A2 Desi Cow Cultured Ghee

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Sneha Daga

What is A2 Ghee and cruelty free Ghee?

Made from the milk of the local desi cow breed native to India, Desi A2 cow ghee is prepared in accordance with the ancestral Vedic Bilona method which is not practised by big companies in the commercial dairy farming business.

Our cows can freely graze and they are treated well in a happy and stress free environment. No hormones are given to these cows which ensures the purity of milk. This fresh milk extracted before the sunrise is then mixed with curd to ferment. Once fermented, the curd is churned to & fro by hand which gives out the makkhan (white butter). This is the traditional Vedic bilona method as mentioned in Ayurveda. This fresh Makkhan is then heated on a metallic pot on low fire flame. This process gives us the clear ghee which is packaged in a glass bottle without any preservatives or chemicals.

Greensense A2 ghee is special as we care about the conservation and protection of our local breed, adhering to the principle of “ahimsa” meaning no harm or injury befalls our cows and they are treated with Ahimsak or Cruelty free method ensures that the cows are treated well, never slaughtered & are raised in a stress free environment. As we follow the ancient sayings of “Duhna”. DUHNA is a Sanskrit word which means 2 aanchal (Udder) of cows for calf and 2 for humans and hence we follow the same practice, follow the principle of Ahimsa our cows produce milk in abundance which is given to us with positive emotions.

And this is what keeps the cows happy. Happy cows gives you good quality milk & in turn ghee which is churned out as per the Vedic bilona method.

Ghee produced in this way enhances its medicinal and nutritional properties and with a creamy texture and rich flavour, you can’t help but love to reach for it every time you cook.

A2 cow ghee is perfect for all culinary applications including making rotis and breads, garnishing khichdis and tempering, making popcorn or roasting fox nuts. A trove of health, it can be consumed raw or used as a cooking base for a variety of dishes. Shop now!!

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