All you need to know about Organic Millets

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Sneha Daga

Are Millet Flours healthier than Wheat Flour?

Faced with an important question related to eating healthier? Pondering whether the switch will be beneficial to you? The shorter answer is yes. For the longer answer, we need to take a quick look at how organic millet flours result in improvement of health compared to wheat flour. Compared to wheat, millets are high on fibre and control blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Native to many parts of the world, millets are gluten free grains consumed since ancient times.

The “what” and “why” of organic flour?

From the point of farming grains to processing the flour, organic flour does not use any chemicals or pesticides. It gives the assurance of purity and does not contain GMOs. It guarantees 100% unadulterated flour. Up to 100 different chemicals follow the grain from growing till it reaches your table, and do you realise you eat all these chemicals without realising they accumulate in your body and may potentially cause harm.

By choosing certified organic, you avoid not only chemicals and fertilizers but also preservatives, flavourants, emulsifiers, anti caking agents, stabilisers, acidity regulators and the list is endless.

Why is millet flour the superior choice?

Compared to wheat flour, millet flours contain higher nutritional content, proteins, antioxidants, amino acids and fibres. They are gluten free making for a superb choice for people with Celiac disease or people wanting to cut gluten out of their diet. Millets are also great for the digestive system.

Looking for alternatives? We’ve made your job easier.

Green sense offers a selection of six healthy grain flours viz. Amaranth (Rajgira) flour, Finger millet (Ragi) flour, Sorghum (Jowar) flour, Buckwheat (Kuttu) flour, Quinoa flour and Multi grain flour contain a host of nutrients. Whatever your needs are from baking cakes and muffins to making delicious rotis, dosas and mouth-watering Indian sweets; Green Sense has got you covered. Green Sense’s flours are also cholesterol free and heart healthy.

In choosing Green Sense, you get the additional benefit of having only the best handpicked grains being stone ground into excellent quality organic flour.

What is Stone Grinding you say?

Stone grinding is the traditional method of grinding the whole grain between two millstones. Other methods usually involve the use of rollers in stark contrast.

How is it Beneficial?

I’m glad you asked. Opposed to mass produced flour, stone ground flour retains all the nutrients as the process involves crushing the whole grain including the germ and bran. The process also has a substantial effect on flavour as stone ground flours pack a strong punch. The flour also features a coarser texture making it the perfect choice for baked goods.

In conclusion, transitioning to millet flours will not only boost your digestive health in the short term but also improve it substantially in the long term contributing to a happier and healthier you. Shop now

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