Organic Feel Good Mix- Turmeric

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Sneha Daga


If we look at stories which were narrated to children whether it was told by the elders or printed in colourful books, it would often contain food references.

It did not matter if they were Enid Blyton stories or Amar Chitra Katha comics, a glass of milk or a warm beverage would be described in a most delicious manner. This was especially to make children understand the importance of simple nutritious foods. A hot cup of something delicious before bedtime was always equated with getting a good night’s sleep. For the young who must lead an energetic and active lifestyle, good rest at nighttime is the main requirement for keeping the body’s immune system in fighting condition.

Before the emergence of flavoured powders and sugary preservative laden drink mixes, our warm home made concoctions always featured local herbs and spices which uplifted the senses and put the body into a state of relaxation.The adults too many a time chose convenience over health and turned to coffee and tea forsaking these nourishing foods.

Adding turmeric to milk has been an ancient  brew in Indian kitchens. It was something the grandmothers lovingly made as a preventive in the colder months to ward off those respiratory afflictions. In the event of a cough , sore throat or even a few extra sneezes, a warmed cup of this golden drink with a sprinkling of black pepper would be ready and waiting.

At Green Sense we have delved deep into these heirloom recipes and put together an ayurvedic combination of ingredients which when paired with turmeric will elevate body health to optimum proportions. The ingredients too are sourced with careful attention to their manner of cultivation.Each one of these are grown under stringent organic conditions which support the environment. With the world moving at a fast pace, it does take time to put together each one of these ingredients in the right quantities. This is the main reason why we at Green Sense have done this for you. A convenient easy to prepare ready mix with no preservatives and no compromise on health.

The golden colour of the turmeric is because of the compound called curcumin. Mixed with black pepper, it aids maximum absorption into the body. To add to the rich colour, aromatics like vanilla and cardamom are added to coax the sense of smell into a meditative state, ideal for rest. The ashwagandha root is a stress reliever and adds towards making this a perfect lullaby portion.

While the original pairing was with milk,it can also be infused with warm water to make just as soothing a cup of turmeric herb tea. Try it , come up with your own way of adding this to your diet, we would love to hear about it.

Pick up a packet ,make this special cup of comforting goodness to give yourself the best advantage of getting that inner glow.Tag us on instagram when you do ,so that we can share it with our followers.

Put up those feet and indulge in some ‘me time’ with a cup of turmeric infused goodness. There’s a reason why we call it ‘Feel Good Mix’ ; it is supposed to do just that. SHOP NOW

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