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‘Feel Good’ is a category that comprises products that are simple ingredients or simple compounds inspired by old age eastern herbs and remedies.The consumption of Feel Good Latte Mix is easy and non-disruptive to any modern lifestyle or any medications and treatments. They are organic, natural, delicious and above all… good for you!
The range starts with 3 latte mixes and is extended to include other superfoods as an organic raw ingredient for tasty-chef created organic and healthy ready to consume packs. Feel Good Latte Mix – Turmeric, Feel Good Latte Mix – Cinnamon and Feel Good Saffron Rose Infusion are made of a blend of several spices and herbs which help in boosting immunity, improve metabolism. They are naturally rich in antioxidants and help in improving the overall wellness. If you are looking for products that are naturally healthy, pure and organic; Feel Good Latte Mixes are the right choice for you. Order them online now from our website and boost your health and wellness.

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