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  • Organic Basmati Brown Rice

  • Organic Basmati White Rice

  • Organic Sonamasuri White Rice


Rice is a cereal grain consumed on a large scale as a staple food in Asian countries and the third most grown agricultural commodity in the world following maize and sugarcane. Rice contains vitamins and minerals in abundance. Every Indian kitchen has rice as a rule. Green Sense’s rice is certified organic and does not contain harmful elements like Arsenic. Our organic rice is produced through sustainable farming methods and each grain of rice is processed perfectly to ensure the best taste. We offer Organic Basmati Brown Rice, Organic Basmati White Rice and Organic Sonamasuri White Rice grown authentically in India. Shop for organic rice online from our website and cook your favourite dishes like pulao, biryanis, pilafs and puddings with it for a unique savoury taste.

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