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  • Natural Black Forest Smoked Salt

  • Natural Danish Smoked Sea Salt

  • Natural Green Hawaiian Sea Salt

  • Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Fine Smoked

  • Natural Pyramid Sea Salt Flakes – Black

  • Natural Pyramid Sea Salt Flakes – Natural

  • Natural Red Hawaiian Sea Salt

  • Salt Mix (Mixture of Himalayan Pink Salt & White Salt)

  • Natural Himalayan Pink Salt Crystal Crusher


Salt is to food what water is to fish! Salts contribute the majority of the taste to food. They contain essential minerals which act as important electrolytes in the body. Salts have significant health benefits such as helping the thyroid gland function properly, keeping the body hydrated and decreasing risk of low blood pressure. Green Sense offers you the convenience of purchasing natural salts online. Our natural salts are extremely pure, potent and delectable. We offer a wide array of 100% natural salts including Black Forest Smoked Salt, Black Salt Crystal Crusher, Danish Smoked Sea Salt, Green Hawaiian Sea Salt, Himalayan Crystal Salt Fine Smoked, Himalayan Pink Salt Crystal Crusher, Himalayan Pink Salt Powder, Pyramid Sea Salt Flakes – Black, Pyramid Sea Salt Flakes – Natural, Pyramid Sea Salt Flakes Chili and Red Hawaiian Sea Salt. Add a pinch of Green Sense’s natural salts to your food for a delicious experience.

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