Natural Red Hawaiian Sea Salt


Size: 50g
Shelf Life: 24 months
Ingredients: Red Hawaiian Sea Salt
100% Natural | Handpicked | No Additives | No Chemicals | No MSG

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Bright and flavourful, Green Sense Hawaiian – Style Sea salt is treasured for its beautiful brick red colour, the all-natural and pure solar-evaporated sea salt is enriched with purified red alae clay from the Hawaiian island of Kauai. It contains over 80 minerals and is very rich in iron oxide. Green Sense Natural Red Hawaiian Sea Salt is known for its beauty, health benefits and spiritual properties.

Health Benefits:
Red Hawaiian Sea Salt is estimated to contain the highest concentration of essential trace minerals of any salt and is especially iron rich. If you have a tendency to be low in iron, this salt may be a good addition to your balanced diet.

Prized by chefs for its unique colour and earthy taste; it is perfect for brines, spice rubs, and seasoning grilled tofu, paneer and vegetables or simply use it as a colourful replacement for your everyday table salt.

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