Salt Mix (Mixture of Himalayan Pink Salt & White Salt)

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Ingredients: Himalayan Pink Salt & White Salt
Shelf Life: 24 months
Size: 1 Kg
| Suitable for Kids, Adults & Seniors | Electrolyte Rich | Convenient | Mineral Rich | Iodine Rich
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Salt is one of the most basic requirements in every kitchen and is used every day and in almost every single food preparation. The quality of something that goes into our system every single day, has to be right. Thus, Greensense with Luke Coutinho has curated the salt mix, the perfect blend of white and pink salt.

Why is the Salt Mix a better option?
After intensive scientific research and our experience in handling several cases, we concluded that the best results are when we use a mix of both the salts, i.e. pink salt and white salt in a perfect ratio. This ratio fulfills the requirements for trace minerals including iodine.

*Seasoning for all dishes
*Gargling in case of sore throats
*Structuring water
*In electrolyte drinks for athletes or during workouts
*Disinfecting fruits and vegetables

Weight: 1kg
Shelf life: 720 days
Ingredient: White salt, pink salt

Additional information

Weight 1000 g

Shelf Life





7 reviews for Salt Mix (Mixture of Himalayan Pink Salt & White Salt)

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    Very fast delivery.

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    Very well worth the money.

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    Very nice

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    Its authentic and best…. If there is a review for the people who work here.. It would have been wonderful…. I love the customer service provided, specially the one’s I always talk to, irritate them at times and they patiently listen to me… These 3 are amazingly beautiful people, Neha, Sneha and Abhishek.

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