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Sneha Daga

“A gift consists not in what is given or done but in the intention of the giver or doer”. This quote by ‘anonymous’, does speak volumes about the idea behind what the act of gifting should signify. Thoughtful gifting not only ensures that money is well spent but also makes a big difference to the receiver .

Many a time we are left saddled with gifts which may be of no use or something we don’t like. Yet we tend to hold on to it because of the sentiment behind the person who gave us the gift. This just leads to clutter caused by hoarding and serves no real purpose.

Those of us who are fortunate to have the privilege of gifting can take it one step forward by ensuring that the gifts, besides causing joy, also carry a message. Thoughtful gifting does go a long way in making someone feel special. When we realize that friends and family have taken the time and effort to buy a thoughtful gift, the emotional response to that is deeply felt.

Gifting organic edibles is one way of sparking a thought process towards change in the right direction. What is even more special is that gifts of this kind can be customized to suit individual taste preferences and budgets.

Food gifts are a great way to show affection. There is so much to choose from. A nice care package made up of an array of spices, aromatic drink infusions and natural sweeteners like honey and jaggery is a thoughtful way to show that we care. In choosing gifts of this nature we are also creating awareness for sustainably grown, chemical and pesticide free products. This kind of focus will directly benefit the Indian farmer. It also adds tremendous value to the whole purpose of gifting and does not feel like a frivolous expense at all.

The joy felt when gifting ingredients like;  forest honey ; cardamom from the plantations in Kerala ; saffron procured from the delicate crocus flowers ; the best turmeric with high levels of curcumin ,is immense. It forms a connect to the land and the amazing bounty it provides.

Take it a step further and source organically made products like ; vedic ghee; delicious spice blends ; chyawanprash ; organic oils & single origin coffee and it will take the whole act of gifting to a platform of making responsible choices.

Everyone gives in to cravings and buys their own share of chocolates, mithai, cakes and sweets. For a gift to be special and remembered it’s nice to also be able to weave a story behind it. Imagine the little child being told the tale of the tree climber who befriended bees to extract honey from the honeycomb…that will be remembered more than gifting a family pack of ice cream!

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