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Our Best Sellers

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Green Sense was launched in 2012 with the aim of introducing the country to real organic food: best tasting and highly nutritious. Green Sense offers the broadest selection of organic products including spices, herbs, grains, rice, cereals, salts, flours, spiceblends and much more. Green Sense’s goal is to secure the convenience of customers whilst also by way of innovation develop products that can be put to daily use to ensure overall health and wellness of customers. Our vision is to harvest happiness in every sense of the word.

We ensure that our organic food products are pure, ethically sourced, unadulterated and GMO free and aspire to give the whole world a taste of real healthy and flavorful organic food. We strive to develop value chains that are completely transparent since we have farm level sourcing. We adhere to the highest standards of quality and hygiene.

True to Green Sense’s heritage, our team takes pride in helping our customers lead healthy lives. Our vision is to harvest happiness in every sense of the word.

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Why Green Sense?

  • Experience of a decade and global exposure – Green sense has gained valuable experience through our global exposure in the organic food market . We have successfully positioned ourselves as a name to reckon with in terms of purity , pricing and safety .
  • Certified organic and ethically sourced – We have immense respect for our environment as well as the people who produce the goods for us. We follow strict norms and ensure that the produce is 100% organic and procured from ethical sources.
  • State of the art in house processing unit – Green Sense has a strong expertise in processing organic food without artificial ingredients or synthetic preservatives.With the use of cutting edge technology and a new age in- house processing unit, our products undergo rigorous certification and periodic testing.
  • Sustainability – Our actions are driven by our endeavour to minimize the negative impact on the environment.Green sense is working towards creating a sustainable Agro Ecological system based on local resources to ensure a better tomorrow.
  • Quality and purity – We have established ourselves as a company which stands for purity, authenticity and integrity.

Customers Speak!

  • I wanted to give something for announcing the birth of my little girl. After brainstorming for weeks, I decided on giving Organic hamper that relates to kids. My hamper contained Honey, Coconut oil, Ragi flour, powdered Jaggery, Carom seeds and Turmeric. I'm so glad I chose Green sense products. They are 100% Organic and I'm carefree when it comes to using them for my children. Infact my friends loved the superior quality. Recently , I had the chance to use their Multigrain flour, would rate it 6 out of 5 stars. Healthy, Organic and Delicious !! Mustard oil for cooking and Massage for my little babies during winters, is a must try. All their products are of excellent quality.
    Sweta Kawar Daga - Mommy Blogger, Mumbai
  • The product is extremely good, tastes good and it’s very healthy have more beneficial nutrients than conventional food. I would recommend the brand for providing Excellent product variety embedded with quality.
    Shanu Chitlangiya - Fashion Designer, Jaipur
  • Truly loved the collection can’t wait to try more item from the catalogue. Turmeric latte is so refreshing dissolves completely without leaving any residue.Taste amazing all the flavours complementing each other. It’s so easy to go wrong with Turmeric but these guys have truly found a great balance of taste and health. Don’t know how these guys did it but I’m glad you did it. This new latte is an everyday affair for me now!!!!
    Sandeep Singhvi - Executive Producer, Mumbai
  • Don’t know which forest this honey comes from. I’m guessing the Lothlórien 😍. Addicted to the honey from these guys. What flavour, texture and aroma just love it!!!! This started as a morning mix for my lemon water when my friend gifted it as part of a care package. But soon I realised I was adding it to my green tea, black tea, morning cereals. It’s mildly aromatic and packs a flavourful punch. Part of my daily diet now.
    Karishma Alhuwalia - Homemaker, Mumbai
  • Turmeric latte is a superb combination of turmeric, ashwagandha n jaggery which helps in boosting immunity n is also anti inflammatory. I have been having it since almost 5 months regularly and have not got cold or cough even once . I would highly recommend it to everyone since "Geen Sense Turmeric Latte" is organic n good for all body types.
    Amol Lunkad - Businessman, Pune

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